Thursday, June 14, 2007

Growing up....

I will turn a year older soon. But I didn't feel myself growing any older but wiser. Haha. and prettier. Hoho.

The process of growing up is getting harder as time goes by. In my teens, friends issues seems like huge problems. And then comes the guy issues....which was disastrous. My old friends will know that I never had any good taste in guys. But well, that's part of the growing up. Looking back to my younger days, I realized what an easy life I'd went through.

I met up with some old guy friends last night. It has 8-9 years since I last see their immature face. But they were really funny guy. And they still are. They did not change much. A slouch still a slouch....and even sloucher. And buck-teeth still....erm, still buck-teethed. I wonder did they pass through the 9 years that I gone through? the look on their face and their spontaneous reaction, I knew they couldn't recognize me and was amazed how much I'd changed. Yes, I mean amazed. And I'm very proud with how I'd changed. And one of guy even called me on the very night to ask me out for the next date. Come on........he didn't bother to ask me out 9 years ago and now he was so eager to go out with me. Come on.......*snobbish grin*
But it was funny......and I LOLed after I rejected him over the phone. And I still wana laugh now....HOHOHOHO....

Tried really hard to get my scanner working so that I can post these memorable pictures. I can't even recognize myself. Where am I?....hmmm......

Ok...I look weird. That's why no one date me. Done with your laughing? -_-

Who are they? I can't recognize them at all.

This picture is so cool.

Form sixth. time flies.


  1. I can recognise myself and all of them. wakaka .. wow .. all grows up to be prettier, wiser and alot to praise ... hahaha ...anyone still unchanged? Dont think so right? hehe ..
    Nice entry .. Happy bday to you ler .. I still one year younger than you .. hohoho ..

  2. hehe, I couldn't remember on what occasion and whose house, when we took the picture..One of us punya birthday birthday party, I guess...haha....good to know that you still keep these photos..I have forgotten where I put in my room..Someday, I must dig out and see also.. :)

  3. happy birthday!! you all have changed a lot!!

  4. OMG, seriously i can't spot you on the first pic.

    happy birthday sis !older one year jor !! hoo~~