Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Day in Bali

Ok. I know I took a long time to blog about my Bali trip, but there were too many pictures from two cameras and I want to one-shot wrote about the 4 days activities of my trip.

Day 1 : 15/June/2007

I'd been waitng, countdowning to this day....the day I'm going to Bali, Indonesia.

Bali, Indonesia.

Everyone is a millionaire in Indonesia.
Rp10,000 = RM4.15

Taking YoYo bus to LCCT airport.

Ok, so this is my birthday lunch? WTF!!!!!

Flying off to Denpasar.

Is this our plane?

Taking off.....

On the plane. Yayy...I'm so anxious. Can't wait can't wait. 3 hours was too darn long.

We arrived, finally. And took a cab to our hotel, Balisani Padma at Legian.

Checked in and had our welcome drink.

Our room.

After settled down everything in our hotel room and a nice warm bath, we walk a short distance out to Legian street for our late dinner (9pm already). Lots of other hotels nearby and other foreigners walking around. About 5 mins walk, we saw a nice restaurant, La Monde.

Cheers! (Yes, it's welcome drink again)

What do they have here?


Bali-style rice. Rice wearing hat? That's cute.

Beef steak for me. This was soooooooooooo delicious. And the price was darn cheap too. Rp40,000 for a steak that tasted so good.


That's cool. ATM machine in a mini mart. Bali is really high-tech.

Not much on the first day because it was already quite late. So we went to sleep early and will explore Bali for the following 3 days.

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  1. soo many pictures! no wonder your colleagues said you gained weight after ur trip..seeing all the nice food u had there ;) i'll know who i can ask when i wanna go bali next time ;)