Sunday, April 01, 2007

Quarter Review

I'm so sick of preparing report for quarter reviews for work and had to endure the long hours of going through such meeting. Sheesh....
Am going to go through my own quarter review.

My 2007 Resolution (might add more to my list)
  1. Not to spend so much in boutiques. Do not buy more than 2 piece of clothing every month and this includes socks, hair accessories and whatsoever. (err....maybe 3!! Not more than 2!!!)
    Failed. I bought 2 blouse in Jan, a bunch of CNY clothes in Feb and 5 pieces in March. >_<

  2. Read all the books that I bought. They are not decoration for my shelf. Read at least one book each month.
    Failed. Did not even touch one.

  3. Promote the anti-animal cruelty campaigne. There are lots more thing that I could do, like sign petition, donation, do volunteery work.
    Doing good. I joined some animal forums and even linked a few animal cruelty websites in my blog.

  4. Try manicure and pedicure. This is a MUST MUST MUST try thing in 2007. I'm dying for the French Manicure. I want my hands look like a princess's hands. ^__^
    Not yet. Soon....soon.....

  5. Loose the kgs. Be at 50.
    Failed. But can dream on.

  6. Change the hairstyle. I'm so bored with my long dull hair. I need new look.
    Failed. I just rebonded it in Feb for CNY.

  7. Revamp the face. New look. New look. Learn how to put on make-up from Nai Nai.
    Failed (kinda). Although I paid for a studio photo shot with Nai Nai and have them put on excessive make ups on my face, unfortunately, I don't like myself in thick make-ups. Seems like I'm not going to do anything with my pretty. I feel pretty enough now. ^_^

  8. Go travelling to at least one country. And also travel around Malaysia. 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year.
    Here's some places that I really want to go:
    -Thailand (Haatyai/Bangkok/Phuket) - Sigh, but Thailand is in such a mess lately.
    -Indonesia (Bali/Jakarta)
    -East Malaysia (Sabah/Sarawak) - Must try Kolo Mee!
    Success (kinda). I'd book two destination during Air-Asia free seats promo. I'm going to Bali in June(on my birthday) with Kin Fai and ChiangMai in August with my friends (with Kin Fai too of course). Can't wait!!!

  9. Be a very organize person.

  10. Must not procrastinate with my work anymore.
    Failed. I still have a few unfinish report on hand. I need to get them publish by next week. I procrastinate too much. >_<

  11. Throw my junks away. I really need to identify out those junks and chuck them away. Especially my room and my cubicle. -_-
    Doing good. I cleaned my cubicle before CNY(but now it seems a bit messy again). And I just reorganized my wardrobe. Threw a lot of stuff away, erm...not really throw, just chuck them into a large box I got from Arco. My room look bigger now. Will start with my desk next week.

  12. Be more independent and not rely 100% on family or bf.

  13. Save 10K

  14. Buy a white Myvi.
    Not yet. Plan to be during the year end.

  15. No more impulse buying.
    I guess no more. I started to get better control of myself. There's a few time that I stopped myself from buying something that I don't need.

  16. Learn to make more stuff from my recipe book, not only cheesecake but more variety of cheesecakes. Erm, say....blueberry cheesecake?
    Doing good. I just made chocolate and cheese swirl brownies last week.

    Newly added resolution:
  17. Sleep early. During weekdays, make it a dicipline routine to sleep before 12am.

  18. Make good notes from my work. I need to keep track of my every projects and evaluations and also useful tips and technical knowledge. This will be useful if I'm going to make the semiconductor field as my lifelong career.

  19. Love Nici (my new puppy) more and more. :)

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  1. erm ... so, you did achieve sth .. hukhuk .. i think i didnt have much progress .. haha ..