Friday, April 20, 2007

RIP my SE W700

I am darn clumsy and forgetful. I left my very dear companion gadgets in the toilet. The most valuble possesion I'd ever purchase. I really like my SE W700. It's not even a year old and I loved it so much that I thought I will not change to another phone for a long long time. could I be so stupid and left it in the stupid toilet. Why must I have this habit to take out the phone from my pants everytime I pee????? Whyyyyy???

An hour after I left the toilet then only I remember I left my poor phone in there. And of course it was gone. I tried to call back my own number but the thief already switched off my phone, obviously wanted to keep the phone for herself. Greedy bitch. You will lost your phone one day!! And you'll know how it feels to lost all the important contacts, smses, pictures and videos. Stupid bitch.

Finally, hoping to no avail, I had to get back my numbers and credits. After work, Kin Fai and me went to the Maxis center to retrieve back my numbers. My friends couldn't believe that I lost my phone because they could call me not long after that. That's the advantages when you register for your prepaid numbers. When I got my numbers back, I went to look for a new phone. I can't live aday without a phone. Can you? I bet you couldn't. Our life is so controlled and manipulated by those electronic monsters.

Guess what phone I got?

SE Z610i
Couldn't believe Sony Ericsson had something in pink???

It's pretty and better than the pink Moto Razr. It has 3G and the audio and camera were as good as my old one.

And the shiny reflective cover of the phone can be use as a mirror too. How useful!!! beautiful.

It's a pre-early anniversary gift from Kin Fai. It's not saimeng lar (showoff)....the new phone cannot compensate back the lost memories contained in my old phone. I will love this pinky nonetheless and of course with much more care. Perhaps get a strap and strangle it around my neck, like those aunties.

At first I thought the camera pixels were not as good as my W700 although both were suppose to be 2.0mp. But I guess not so bad after all.....

Chu Cheong Fun (close-up not as clear)

To me, this is the best best bessssssst chu cheong fun in whole Malaysia....or maybe Asia. Yeah, I tried the Hong Kong ones, not as best larrr.

See the crowd?

It was located at a very secluded Pasir Pinji area. They sell the chu cheong fun in their house compound. As you can see, it's a very small compound and everyone has to wait for their turn, with numbers given by the vendor. When we arrived, we were #16. Some ppl da-bau(takeaway order) a lot....a lot as in 20 packets. Some who ate there also da-bau 20 packets. That's why we had to wait 30 minutes for our heavenly delicious chu cheong fun. I always ask K.Fai to eat there but he don't like chu cheong fun. How stupid. FYI, it's located at Jalan Pasir Pinji 5.
I'd ate there since primary school. And after 20 years, everything is still the same, the taste, the crowd and of course the condition of the place improved a little bit....they added a standing fan, if not, it can be very hot.

Exposed in the light. I looked so fair....^___^

In gloomier place.

Enjoying my soft shell crab handwrap. A must-have everytime I went to Sushi King.

Want some?

I miss my old phone......T_T
Hope your next owner treats you well and not as forgetful as me.


  1. Erm .. SE is good .. 3G wor ... but i dun like this model .. hehe .. anyway, dont get sad lar .. you have new ones mer .. some more, free from your dear dear .. :P
    Next time, careful abit lor ... BTW, I can live a day without my handphone .. as I didnt bring my hp along when I am working .. I left it in my drawer .. :D
    Maybe no one calls me also lar .. haha ...
    Gotta sleep now .. too sleepy ..

  2. Pls ar .. forgot to comment .. you purposely act like "L" lar ... yyyeeeee .... hahahahahaha

  3. U... U... UUU... Lucky lil' devil! Tis is the phone I'd wanted too.. Arghh!! Bt still couldn't decide btwn baby blue/pink. Cos Blue came wif pearly white, while pink came wif metallic silver.. hmmmmm.. *_*

    Hey, I've got a brilliant idea. I get e Blue, den we swap for a day/wk.. Great? Hahahahaha... =P

  4. Well, be more cautious in future. :-) Always remember your belongings after doing your 'stuffs'.

  5. Wahhhh..
    YOU really love PINK ah...
    PInk entries previously, and now a pinky phone....but it definitely suits you the greatest...