Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Recently a lot of people have been asking about my blog, even my boss asked me too.

Boss : I heard that you have a blog.
Me : *blush*
Boss : Why do you blog? Is that common among youngster now?
Me : *gawk*
Boss : Tell me, I want to know more about you young people.
Me : Yeah, it's the 'in' thing among youngster, but only for cyber person. We can put in pictures and write bout interesting stuff for our friends to keep track of our life. Some people blog for their full time profession.
Boss : Oh...really. Then, if I want to see your picture I can go to your blog? What's your blog address?
Me : *blush* *gawk* *blush* *gawk*

And some of my distant colleagues(from other department) knew too. My blog is totally exposed!! Naked!! And this mean I can not blog about my feeling in my Feel Station anymore and I have to say 'nice' things about my nice colleagues and my bosses. No more kutuking......how cannnnnn this be possible???????????????

I don't feel like writing anymore....@_@


  1. oh dear..how do they know about your blog in the first place?

  2. Erm, I think you have gave your blog URL to many ppl. Even in your Friendster, there is your blog URL.
    Chamler...better change ur URL ler...

  3. fei lou : oh no....

  4. Remember how I do things before this? Changed your address lar .. hahahaha .... Slap you if you dont continue!!