Friday, October 12, 2007

Packing Again

A quick post before I go packing again. Actually, I don't have to pack much, some travel essentials are still sitting inside my FILA travel bag. I bet tomorrow will be a long journey. Ipoh is already very sardine pack with cars and humans. The usually smooth road was so slow moving today, as if the town turned into KL and in return, KL will transform into a lonely town.

Being the last day at work (tomorrow on holiday yayyy), gave me a perky mood. I did not even have to go into the chaotic production line, just glued my bum on the cushion chair and did paperwork and don't give a damn about the production line.

I won't change my blog's URL. I can't help it if my blog got famous. Wahahahaha...ahem ahem, ok...I cut it out. But honestly, I'm cool with other ppl reading my blog, even my boss. If I have an interesting life, I won't mind it to be an open book story. Look at how our very own Malaysian meaty but shit witty blogger Kenny Sia and the infamous bitchy but witty Singapore blogger Xia Xue portrayed their life all over the world wide web. They have thousands of strangers reading about their life but who cares, they are making money out of their keyboards. If not because I can't make the stupid Ad-Sense thing work, I will be making money too. Bah.
Who said I can not rant about my colleagues here? I just don't reveal the name. HAH! I will still bitch about them here, although I seldom do, I'm more interested in showing off my vain pictures. Wahahahaha.....ahem, ok, I did it again. Sorry....But hey, all famous bloggers are vain and cam-whores. I'm walking the right pathlah.

My perky day was even perkier when I found a huge parcel awaiting for me to unwrap. I have been looking forward for this special package from Malta. I'm thrilled!!!! I'm super thrilled!!!!! Guess what's in the package?

Thousands and thousands of Malta postage stamps. So many that I can bury myself in the bulk. Woohoo~~~

Collecting stamps has been my(and everyone's) childhood hobby. I'm sure everyone used to own a small collection of stamps and nicely arranged in an album. But how many of you can remember where your mother has stacked that poor album that contained some of your childhood memory and joy? Perhaps underneath some other old junks. But my collection did not turn into any junk. But I won't call myself a philatelist because I did not study or spend a lot on unattractive old postage stamps. I'm just a collector that find those colourful inches art still fascinate me like how it did when I was 6 years old.
And now I'll have enough stamps for my Rumah Hope project. I'm not rich enough to make any impactive financial donation but I wanted to donate some of my joy.

Shoebox of inches art. This will be a Christmas present for Rumah Hope children.

And to those that miss my Nici, see what a fat beauty she grew into. I always must have some chewy toys in hand so that she don't bite my Prada bag and other biteable object. She'd pick up some easy commands like sit, up and go inside. She's quite a fast learner.....erm but don't understand the simplest command of all command : 'NO'.

Me and Thave, my favourite colleague. She's young but very hardworking.

And a piece of rock oyster I had on Monday. Awww (looking into the picture dreamily).

Tomorrow I have to go the local stamps dealer that sells stamps in bulk. Need to send something back to Malta.

Although this entry is titled 'Packing Again', I don't feel like packing now.


  1. Going down to KL to see your Kin fai? Haha. Have a great time. Are you driving down?

    Mr Anonymous

  2. Mr.Anonymous
    Nope, I'm not driving. Always by bus. Sometimes car polling with colleagues. Tiring but fun :)

  3. many postie...what are those for?

  4. Ladybird : Those are not posties, they were postage stamps. For my collection :) And some for donation.

  5. hi

    i have any stamps for your project
    Rumah Hope.
    can i send you?


  6. I sent you a large package of stamps a ways back. Did you ever receive it?
    (shaunnaf @ postcrossing in Canada)