Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Love Oyster

I had my first oyster at Jogoya (KL), it's slimy and smell bad. I hardly could swallow the first bite. I thought I will never eat oyster again. But I was very wrong. I love sashimi, I love sushi, I love rare beef, how can I not love fresh oyster?

My colleague, Ee recommended me to try the oyster at Moven Peak. I was skeptical at first because of the bad experience at Jogoya. She insisted I give it a second try because the one I had was not fresh enough, hence the weird taste. And so I did, and I had 3!!! Simply delicious piece of meat.

And after the second successful attempt eating the oysters, I can't stop thinking and craving for more. The recent gathering with my best girlfriends Deb and Yokie, I suggested Moven Peak. It was on Debbie's treat. But it's a pity they both don't appreciate the seafood at all. And was very disgusted looking at me savouring the oyster.
Aahh....oyster.....I can never be a vegetarian. I'm a lover of food and keep discovering new meat.

The oysters, covered with ice to keep the freshness.

This is one huge piece of saliva trigger.

Cam-whoring with the shell.

I just can't wait.....>_<
How to eat an oyster:
1. Squeeze lemon juice on the oyster, usually lemon slices will be provided.
2. Put the garlic, sesame and 'something else' sauce.
3. If you like, you can put two or three drops of Tabasco sauce.
5. Use a small fork to separate the oyster from the shell.
4. You can either eat the oyster in one mouthful, or like me, bit by bit.
5. Close your eyes. Feel the fireworks in your mouth.

Me and Yokie. Me happy and full with oysters. Yum yummmmmm....

Anymore places that serve delicious oyster? Let me know.

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  1. MMm. YOu could try Kilpatrick next time. That's quite nice too.

    I like to eat em raw with a bit of lemon or some dressing on em. Very nice.

    It cost about $8-$12 for a dozen here

    Mr Anonymous