Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lonely Nights

Feeling lonely tonight. Must be the rain.

Rain always make me sad and gloomy.

Did not go to work today. Took a day off to rest at home. A bit regretted not going to work. Wasted.

Nights make me lonely too.

Sigh....why the blues today?

Must be the rain.

Am making some peach tea. And will read a book. (Will finish Marley and Me very soon).

Tea and book make a good companion for a cold night like this.

Peach tea smells so good.


  1. Dear Moonlight,

    I hope you are not felling too blue, missing KF too much eh? By the time you read this, you would have finished the book, and yes, its sort of a sad ending for Marley. I have tasted the peach tea and i didnt quite like it as it had a kind of chemical taste to it. Anyhow, happy reading yet again

    Mr Anonymous

  2. Dear Mr.Anonymous

    I finished Marley and Me. And I cried like cow. T_T

  3. Mr Wan,

    Quite alot of comments ar.

    And Ms Koo,

    Where's the Singapore pictures?

  4. Touching story isnt it?

    Hello Berg. Nice to see you in this neck of the woods. How are ya?

    And yes Ms Koo, where are the pics?

    Mr Anonymous