Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First encounter with felt

Had another art-venture and this time with felt art. Making felt toy is a lot more difficult comparing to polymer clay. But of course, felt crafts is a lot more cheaper. I only have to buy some felt sheets, polyester fibre to fill my cake, needles and some matching thread.

It's really easy to make this actually and a lot of fun but takes a lot of time in cutting and sewing especially for a needle and thread retards like me. It took me 4 hours to complete one slice of cake. I could bake a whole real yummy cake already!

Good enough to eat.

You don't need talent for this, only patience. Felt toy making is pretty intriguing and interesting. I'm looking forward to try to make more felt toys and especially if they are associated with food, they look soooooo adorable.

Here's some more useful links for felt toys crafting. So cool, aren't they? (Internet is really the number one source if you want to learn anything new.)
Felt sushi tutorial

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Can't wait to make more felt fun.

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  1. Thanks for your infos...I falling in love with handmade nowadays. Plan to start it soon, but not yet take action. :p