Friday, November 23, 2007

My first art-venture with polymer clay

I always have a thing with art and crafts. KL has a lot of arts and crafts supplies store, especially at One Utama. I always wanted to try those many many different variety of arts and crafts. I always wanted to learn about oil paint, acrylic paint, glass paint and etc. Yes, is an expensive hobby but compare to photography, philately, golf, antique collecting, art-venture is not expensive at all.

I'm sooooo happy that finally in Ipoh we have a craft workshop and it's so near my place. Yayyyy. They are selling a lot of arts and crafts supplies such as acrylic paints, glass paints, fabric paints, clay etc usually not found in Ipoh. They are also offering a lot of classes such as polymer clay, Folk Art (painting on wood using acrylic), glass painting, glass etching, fabric painting and decoupage. I can't wait to learn all of them. And to my surprise that this kind of craft shop could actually attracts quite a lot of customers and I have to call to book a time for their classes. Although some are just inside the shop to look at the wonder work of crafts and the art supplies that we never knew existed but quite a number of them were actually buying!

Ok, so I start my art-venture with polymer clay. RM80 for a 2 hour class and I get a Sculpey Activity Box Kit worth RM60. I wanted to get the Clay Bear set but the last box were reserved. What a disappointment, the Clay Bears were really super cute!

Sculpey clay and tools.
Actually there's 7 colours but I finished using the brown for making the very cute bear.

My first clay babies. Aren't they super cute?
Am I talented or what? Hehe...

I still have many leftover clay and I will make something else. ~woohoo~

(And I'd waste a lot of money paying for yoga and gym classes. I never enjoy as much.)

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