Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm enjoying solitude

Right now I am enjoying solitary, with a mugful of rootbeer float (yay, now Oldtown has rootbeer float!!), listening to Zee Avi (she is amazing!!), and doing my online stuff (this include chatting with friends).

Loneliness is not scary but as long as I don't have to do this everyday. I missed talking and laughing (and gossiping and bitching :P).

Another small things that always cheer me up, anytime...

I don't have much to write about tonight, but just have this urge to write something. I will be leaving my job this coming Wednesday. And looking back, I had been in KL for more than a year. And I did enjoy my time here, a lot. KL has much to offer and everything is so different, the people and the life. There are also a lot of interesting events, stories and food too, which I enjoyed the most. People here are very different, more complicated, very socialable, and a city with not many mature adults but a lot of materialism. I met some very nice and interesting people too, mostly people from art/craft/design events. As for my job, I feel more and more numb with working, seems like losing the sparks with the first lover. I guess that's how everyone else feels too? But it feels like a zombie if I'm on a career without passion. As I am about to leave the current job, I am not feeling at all excited about the next new job.

and when I am about to finish this post, I drank half of the root to keep me accompany for another 2 hours? :/

Not really a chatty post tonight, maybe more tomorrow. Oh yeah, I should blog about lomo too. :)


  1. Awww~ Simple things are the best! Hope you get your passion for whatever it is you're passionate about soon!


  2. hmm... that was reflective :) but yea... i totally agree w you, when you lose passion about something it does noone any good by clinging on. hope you'll find a new job soon ... something you;ll love to do and is excited about :) perhaps you should consider starting a small shop in arts and craft :)) but you'll still be in KL ? i live in damansara perdana :) are we close by?

  3. dear ... arent you chatting with me that nite ? hahahahaha ... good luck in ur new job .. :)

  4. hi, wat is ur new job? ;-) good luck oh!!

  5. yumm..Rootbeer...I think I've forgotten the taste of it. Was talking with colleague about rootbeer the other day, what a coincidence seeing it here :) . No rootbeer in Germany...sigh