Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Partners for Whimsey Jar Swap

I know everyone is excited...me too!!!!

Tadaa....here's your partner (used the Agnes method to draw..kakaka)

1. Kelly sends to Shera
2. Shera sends to Aquarius(Florence)
3. Marlene sends to Sing Yee
4. Ciyou sends to Pussycat
5. Agnes sends to Marlene
6. Joan sends to Ciyou
7. Mer sends to Kelly
8. Pussycat sends to Joan
9. Aquarius sends to Agnes
10. Sing Yee sends to Mer

I will email everyone for your posty address. :D

p/s : Found your jar yet?


  1. haven't found the jar ahh...

  2. me too..hehe~ finally got the swap partner ^_^ Happy Swapping

  3. hey kelly :))
    thank you so much for all the lovely comments you left at my blog :)) you are a fantastic crafter yourself, very very multi talented :) i was also at multifilla a couple months ago... can't wait to see what you're going to come up with, with the resin you bought :)) we must keep in touch! i'm so glad you found me via shera :) whoot! to shera! and yes! zachary quinto ... delicious as honey covered pancakes ;)
    HUGS luthien xoxoxo :)

  4. looking for the suitable jar d~~~so excited

  5. Start looking for jar since the day I see my name on the list la~~! XD mer mer going to send to you...kekekeke XD

  6. Wow! that looked like a fun swap!

  7. I am ready with my jar :) can i have the address please? :)

  8. all the Whimsey Jar are so nice~~~cant wait till i received mine~~~waiting~~~^0^